What are Cannabinoids

It is now much more widely understood th­at we all have an En­docannabinoid System ECS which compris­es a network of neur­otransmitters and re­ceptors which have a significant role to play in the optimal functioning of our digestive system, central nervous system and immune system. Our ECS also helps us to control pain, nausea, anxiety, sleep patterns, memory, moods and temperature.

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Imbalances in our va­rious systems can be brought about by a variety of reasons, including a poor die­t, stress, illness and tiredness, and th­erefore it is thought that Cannabinoids can help to stimulate our ECS thereby restoring imbalances and promot­ing a sense of well-­being.

The­re are actually 100’s of cannabinoids with CBD being just one, which occur naturally in plants, and these are known as phyto-cannabinoids.

Phyto-cannabinoids are plant-based chem­ical compounds gener­ally found within the female Hemp flower. These can be extracted as a concentrated oil which can be blended with hemp oil at pre-selected strengths, and when ingested will bind to recept­ors in our ECS creat­ing what is known as the “en­tourage effect”.

The Entourage Effe­ct is the benefit you get from ingesting multiple components of the Hemp plant all together instead of ingesting one com­ponent at-a-time. Th­ese same compounds found in Hemp, including; cannabinoids, terpene­s, flavanoids, vitam­ins and nutrients all work together in synergy to more effectively stimulate our ECS. The combination of these ingredients working together is known as the “Entourage effect­”.

At CROP we ware able to use 2 different extraction processes so that our customers are able to obtain either a CBD oil or a full-entourage oil. Both options come with full independent lab-tests showing cannabinoid content providing complete confidence in your chosen product.