Returns & Refunds

Crop-England strives to provide the best customer service available. We understand and appreciate the concerns of Internet shoppers regarding the security and proper fulfillment of their orders. We have established this return/refund policy to provide our customers with a complete understanding of how replacement orders or refunds are processed:

1. If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 24-48 hours to investigate and to determine what has occurred. In many cases, delivery was attempted but either the recipient was not home/office and/or no neighbours were available to accept the order. We reserve the right to attempt a redelivery if this occurs.

2. If it is determined that Crop-England did not make the delivery attempt, it is our policy that we will provide you with a full refund.

3. If an order is filled and delivered to the recipient and there is a question of the quality of the arrangement, the recipient should contact Crop-England. In almost every case, we will gladly replace the arrangement. To request a replacement, Crop-England must be contacted within 5 days of the delivery. No refunds or replacements will be made for any order should the recipient or senders not notify us within 5 days of the original delivery date. A link to this page exists on nearly every page of the Crop-England website. It is the responsibility of the sender to review all the information provided on the Crop-England website relating to refunds and/or replacements.

4. Crop-England reserves the right to reject any order provided to us that we deem questionable or possibly fraudulent. When Crop-England receives an order, we review the entire order and periodically compare the information provided to us with the bank of the person placing the order. If we determine that fraudulent information is provided, we will send an email to the sender to inform them of the situation to determine if the information was provided in error.

5. Should any customer place an order through Crop-England and then need to cancel the order, the cancellation must be made prior to the dispatch of the order. If the cancellation is received after the order is dispatched, no refund can be issued. If a cancellation is requested and it is a busy time and we do not see the cancellation before dispatch, we accept no responsibility and will not issue a refund for items dispatched after a request is submitted. Cancellations will not be accepted if a customer places an order but provides information that prevents direct delivery, such as in the case of a wrong office or home address. The customer can obtain new information so that the order can then be delivered using the correct information. wherever possible.

6. Crop-England is not responsible for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item. Crop-England will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses delivery. This includes ordering to a country that hemp/CBD is illegal and has been seized by customs. It is your responsibility to ensure hemp is legal in your country.

7. Crop-England is not liable for customer errors that result in the over-ordering of a product. During the checkout process the customer is provided with a total of the order PRIOR to the order being submitted. The customer is given the option to remove items or reduce the quantity ordered. Crop-England makes every effort to review orders where multiple quantities of a same item are ordered but we do not guarantee, nor are we liable, for any order sent out exactly as the customer ordered. If a customer orders more than one of any single item but meant to send a lesser quantity and the ordered amount is sent to the recipient, no refund can be offered since what was ordered is what will be delivered.

International Returns:

We do not refund International postage under ANY circumstances after the package has been dispatched.

If the package is returned to us because you changed your mind, refused delivery or were unavailable for delivery or gave us the wrong details, the package will be posted back to us at your expense.


It is your responsibility to check your Customs/Import regulations regarding tax, duty and permitted items. If you buy an item, we will send it assuming you have checked. There is no way we can know the rules for every country and region. This is your responsibility. If you order to an address that has been previously been used and a parcel has gone missing for whatever reason. If you order to such an address this is your responsibility and no refund will be given unless we receive the item back then we would refund just the item price and not the postage/shipping or any charges incurred by customs or for returning the item.

If it is returned because it is not allowed through your Customs Office, you will still be charged for postage and any inspection damage incurred.

If unsure, please contact your Local Customs Office before buying. This is your responsibility.

Buying from us is taken as acceptance of these conditions.